This is where we are going to store all of our build guides and knowledge articles. Please feel free to contribute if you have useful information to share.

Contribute Documentation

Want to contribute to the documentation?

You will need to

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Clone it to your local computer
  3. Commit the changes
  4. Raise a pull request back to the original repository

Clone Repository

The below command is an example assuming you are using GitHub.

You will need to change the username to be your username.

git clone

Initalize submodules for the them

git submodule update --init

Commit Changes

git add content/type/
git add content/type/file2_changed.jpg
git commit 'description of changes made'
git push

View Local Changes

Install hugo as per the official Hugo Install guide

Run hugo server inside the keebd-docs folder

hugo server