There are lots of acronyms in the Electronics/Keyboard scene and we will attempt to explain some of the most common ones here.


Light-emitting diode. These are great if you want to add one or more of the different keyboard lighting options or just the keyboard underglow.


“Printed Circuit Board” is the layer of your keyboard that the electronics components attach to including the switches.

Rotary Encoder

This is a part that takes information to the computer from being pivoted left and right. With an attached knob, you’ll be able to input some sliding scale info.


Stabs, for short, provide support to a larger keycap.


These pieces attach to screws and allow space to be created between the keyboard layers.

TRRS cable

This will let your split keyboard left and right sides talk with one another. The acronym stands for Tip Ring Ring Sleeve. Usually used for audio, but in the context, is needed to connect split keyboards.