Cherry MX Switches

  • Cherry MX Red – The most popular choice amongst gamers, Cherry MX Reds are linear switches that are very light to use as they don’t require much force to press – at only 0.45 N.
  • Cherry MX Speed – This switch is as light as the Red switches however it comes with a shorter actuation distance of 1.2mm.
  • Cherry MX Black – These linear switches require an even heavier actuation force – at 0.60 N.
  • Cherry MX Linear Grey – The linear grey switches features the highest actuation force among all switches offered by Cherry – at 0.80 N. This switch comes in either a tactile or linear variant.
  • Cherry MX Brown – This tactile switch is the quietest tactile switch offered by Cherry. It features a similar actuation force as the Cherry MX Red – at just 0.45 N.
  • Cherry MX Blue – Blue switches often get a bad rep due to their noisy nature, particularly in office or home environments. They work similarly to the brown switches in terms of tactility with an added clicking sound and features a slightly heavier actuation force at 0.60 N.
  • Cherry MX Green – These switches are slightly modified versions of the Cherry MX Blue switches and feature a heavier actuation force at 0.80 N.

Here’s a chart of all the mechanical keyboard switches from Cherry.

Switch Type Actuation Force Actuation Distance Travel Distance Characteristics
Cherry MX Red 0.45 N 2mm 4mm Linear
Cherry MX Speed 0.45 N 1.2mm 3.4mm Linear
Cherry MX Black 0.60 N 2mm 4mm Linear
Cherry MX Linear Grey 0.80 N 2mm 4mm Linear/Tactile
Cherry MX Brown 0.45N 2mm 4mm Tactile
Cherry MX Blue 0.60 N 2.2mm 4mm Tactile Clicky
Cherry MX Green 0.80N 2.2mm 4mm Tactile Clicky